Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I am not leaving the country for greener pastures. Not now. Not yet. I have, however, migrated from the Old Blogger to the New Blogger. What is so special about it? Let's just say that technology, like everything else in life, changes. My response to change, as far as my blogs are concerned, is to go with the flow and see how things will pick up from there.

I am enjoying the New Blogger, mind you.

For one, I found the new Blogger easier to navigate. The interface is smoother and it allows a blogger to label each posts. While most blogger I know have switched or upgraded, I found some interesting blogs by Filipino Librarians around blogosphere.

I have mentioned about PLAI STRLC's blog sometime last year and it gave me a sense of good things to come in terms of blogging and Philippine Librarianship. Today, I visited the blog of PLAI Cagayan Valley Region . I am particularly pleased because, I trace my roots in Catagaman, Tuguegarao. It would be interesting to visit and touch base with librarians there.

It gives me more reason to plan a trip back home.

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