Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fun Librarian

Taken last Christmas by a colleague, I posed for the camera Dream Girls style. The wig was my best accessory last Christmas Party in school.

Everyone thought I was up for a performance. They were disappointed. I just wanted to be fun, and to have fun at my own expense that day. It's been a while sine I let my guard down. Administrative work can be very stressful. My 2006 was tough and tremulous besides. For all the blunders and bloopers committed last year, I needed to humor myself. A lot of people got the joke. Good for them.

As for the school administrators, they were lenient enough to allow me this display of humor. Though I know for a fact that my school director found the "act" so circus-like, he did give me credit for my ability to laugh at myself. That's one of the many reasons why I admire and respect the Jesuits so much.

Thanks to Baby Alfonso for lending me the afro wig. To Ria Marifosque too, for the fab photo.

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