Monday, October 16, 2006

Plagiarized Posts

Von is not the only one perplexed these days. I am too. I just discovered from his post today that he is not the only victim of the cut-and-paste habit. Tsk.Tsk.Tsk.

Arnold Zafra's comment on Von's post says it all. Two of my original written articles, part of the paper I wrote as lecture for PATLS' lecture forum on Information Literacy, made it to this blog without attribution nor citation. Read my post here and compare. If that is not plagiarism, tell me what is.

The blog was constructed by LIS (Library & Inofrmation Science) students of UST, which makes the situation very disturbing, to me at least. I hold UST's LIS Department with great esteem given the very good teachers that the department has. I also know a lot of excellent librarians who are graduates of UST. And now, this.

Surely, there is a reasonable explanation.

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