Wednesday, July 19, 2006

NCBD in Pictures

I am multitasking right now. Heaven knows all too well to give this task to women! More pictures next post!

This NCBD had the most KUTINGs in attendance!

Eugene Evasco is slim and soooo "in". He launched three titles of books this year!

INKies were there too! Liza Flores, Jomike Tejido and Hubert Fucio.

Commissioner Ocampo is such a darling! Imagine his gump to smile for me as I took this shot in the middle of Mike Luz's keynote. Beside him is "the" Emily Abrera of McKann Ericsson.

Cha & Je of Alitaptap. Both winners, 1st place in the Salaysayan 2006. Cha won for the English category, while Je won in the Filipino Category.

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