Friday, July 14, 2006

I bet you'll never go to your school library if your librarian looks like her.


She is Mrs. Beamster, The Librarian from Black Lagoon. In this hilarious, and a little bit scary, picture book by Mike Thaler, kids are invited to laugh and imagine a school library like no other.


Silence is one thing that libraries all encourage (Really? Not all the time.) In the Black Lagoon Library, talk and you'll get laminated. Go through the shelves to look for books to read and borrow but be careful. The shelves are electrified.


Watch out for Igor, the library assistant. He has an extra eye to look over you!


Many hideous things happen in the Black Lagoon library. You wouldn't want to catch Mrs. Beamster's story time because, it will bore you to death since she reads from the cards in the card catakog for stories to share. Horrible gadgets are hidden in the library of Black Lagoon. There's a gum detector that can zap you out and a real mouse is attached to the library's computer. It's got everything to prevent a child from reading and entering the school library.

But really, all these are make believe.

If you don't get the humor that Thaler has employed in his story and the illustrations by Jared Lee, you better revive the dying child in you. In the end, Thaler offers his readers the joys that imagination could bring. The book is published Scholastic.

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