Wednesday, February 22, 2006

PBBY Website

The PBBY Website is taking form. I'm just as excited as everyone else in the board since an online resource on PBBY is long overdue. After 22 years of existence, it will soon go online - a move that will help build greater awareness to the cause and advocacy that PBBY has fought and campaigned for.

Liza Flores' web design is cool, neat and nice. For a sampling of her work, click here. It is still a work in progress and I have some comments to make regarding content. But as far as design goes, I'm pretty satisfied. Drop me a comment if you have something to contribute and suggest. I'd appreciate it since it's feedback from potential users of the website.

On another interesting note, as I was editing a PBBY project last night, I stumbled upon a familiar name in the original statutes of PBBY. It surprised me, really, to find her name and signature in the last page of the statutes. Linda Nietes turns out to be one of PBBY's founding members. I met her online a couple of months back in Filipino Librarians, a Google egroup for Filipino librarians, their friends and supporters of Philippine libraries in particular.

Small world it is.

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