Friday, February 10, 2006

Lesson Plan : Information Literacy using the Big 6 Model

Information Literacy Skills
Grade 6 (heterogenous)
February 10 – 13, 2006

I. Context
A. Objectives
1. Review of the Big 6 Model
2. Follow steps 1 – 5 as applied to a Reading project (Compare and Contrast, Venn Diagram of selected topics from grade level novel – The Watsons Go To Birmingham)
3. Use references in completing the Reading project
4. Cite sources used as references for the project

B. Topic
Day 1 – Review of Big 6 Model
Day 2 – Hands on activity – application of the Big 6 model to Reading project

C. Resources
Basic print references (encyclopedia, almanacs); biographies; online resources (big 6 website and online drills); PowerPoint Presentation; Computers

D. Time Frame
Two meetings – February 10 and 13, 2006

II. Learning Experience
A. Prelection
Solve the puzzle - Big 6 Puzzle
*Students do the puzzle online in 5 minutes.

B. Discussion
1. Library Teacher provides a review of the Big 6 Model - What are the six steps in the Big 6?
2. Individual work – students read the definition and the activities in each step - Further Reading on te Big 6
3. After reading, students answer the online quiz - Big 6 Online quiz

Group Work
• The class will be divided in 5 groups.
• Each group will have a topic to work on. The topic assigned to them is in preparation to the class’ Reading project.
• With the library teacher’s help, students identify the tasks to be done (step 1-2)
• Instructions (to complete step 3) :
a. Assign a leader, a secretary and reporter
b. Use the simplified Big 6 (Super 3) handout to guide you in completing steps 1-3 of the Big 6 Model
c. In your notebook, write your answers to the questions in the handout
d. After answering the questions, move to step 3 – Location and Access. Identify all the sources of information that you can use.

5. Library teacher recommends print and online sources for the project.

Day 2 – Continuation of Steps 4 – 5 / Hands on
*Reading teacher will facilitate on day 2.

C. Evaluation
Hand out of finished project and answers from group work will be graded.

III. Reflection
What problems and difficulties did you encounter working with your group mates?
How did you solve these problems?
How else can you use or apply the Big 6 Model?

IV. Action
Use of the Big 6 Model in other activities and assignment sin the content areas.

*This is a lesson plan following the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm as espoused by Jesuit basic education schools.

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