Tuesday, October 4, 2005

FYI: Links in Categories, Comments and Suggestions

My dear subscribers,

Thank you for patronizing School Librarian In Action. For the past seven months now, I've been posting topics of relevance to Children's Library Services, Information Literacy, IT Integration in Basic Education, Philippine Children's Literature and Reading Advocacy. I hope that the ideas, news, trends, tips and suggestions, information, reviews, facts and opinions you read in SLIA are all very helpful. To further assist you with whatever SLIA provides you with, I have added links to the four categories in my sidebar.

I've added Dean Alfar's Rosang Taba under YAP: The Pinay in Children's Literature; Technology Bytes has three new links from my previous posts; and teachers and parents may find 10 Reasons to Invest in Children's Literature an interesting article so I included it under Reading & Literacy Advocacy.

Keeping this blog for the past seven months has been delightful. You have no idea how therapeutic it has been for me. But of course, my objectives of managing information and knowledge, as well as promoting school librarianship will always be paramount to its existence. I welcome all your comments and suggestions for improvement.


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