Friday, May 3, 2019

School Librarians and 21st Century Literacy (2 of 3)

Riding on the themes of 21st Century Literacy, days 1 and 2 of the IASL-PASLI Workshop and Conference covered a variety of concepts, theories and ideas that permeate in today's school library services and programs. Fake news, Metaliteracy, Computational Literacy were among the different kinds of literacy discussed by plenary speakers. Thus, the necessity to build partnerships, linkages and networking is as strong as ever. Even Hanna Chaterina George, IASL Regional Officer, spoke about concerted efforts in Indonesia to make manifests the reading and literacy programs they run in private and public schools in Jakarta. In Day 2, Dr. Diljit Singh enumerated the challenges that school librarians face in the digital age, reminding everyone to stay relevant in a time of constant change.

Former IASL President, Diljit Singh elaborates on the importance of networking and linkages.

Day 2 of the workshop and conference was interactive and engaging. Paper presenters discussed actual projects and research that show the relevant role librarians play in teaching and learning, community building and in the growth of the book industry. Furthermore, presentations on day 2 focused on the importance of research as a means to validate professional practice. An integration and interdisciplinary approach to planning school library services and programs is key to target the new kinds of literacy and the ones that will soon emerge from a technology induced world.

With Charlie Padernal. my "Beybi Bibe, during my presentation on Bibliotherapy.
Photo credits: Thank you for the Ms. Cris Laracas

Five topics and presentations inspired and fueled me to further think through professional practice. These are computational literacy, metaliteracy, Dr. Baylen's session on creativity and collaborative thinking, Dia Evangelista's research on Information Literacy and Dr. Chinee's paper on Design Thinking as applied to space programming and readers' services. Their topics are all under one umbrella - thinking! How interconnected different thought processes can be! As in all professional learning experiences, I have filed them and cataloged them in the journal of my mind for future use and reference.

With my roomies. We know how to shimmer!

At the end of Day 2, members nominated peers for the election of a new set of officers. Dinner followed next and the fellowship night commenced. Dubbed as Sparkle Tonight, PASLI members came in their most dazzling selves. We were all shining! Shimmering! Splendid! My two roommates, Erlinda Soliva and Cathryn Ann Dimapilis won awards as Star of the Night and 1st Runner-Up respectively.

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