Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Effective School Librarianship: Successful Professional Practice From Librarians Around the World

Three years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Patrick Lo in Osaka, Japan for the IAFOR (International Academic Forum) Conference. We were both paper presenters on school libraries, school librarians and leadership. At the time, he was working on a manuscript on comparative librarianship. Dr. Lo moderated the session where I presented my paper on School Librarians as Literacy Leaders. From there on, we had regular conversations on school librarianship in the region. This conversations led to my participation in his book project.

The good news is, the book is already published and can be bought online since December 2017!

Effective School Librarianship: Successful Professional Practice From Librarians Around the World is published by Apple Academic Press. Check the link for information on the book's price, content and reviews.

Here is one review by Dr. Helen Boelens, of the International Association of School Librarians, Special Interest Group (SIG)

“Fascinating reading . . . The authors have collected interviews from school librarians throughout the world. Some of these people work under very difficult circumstances. Interviewees have mentioned a multitude of “secrets” of their successful work. . . . It is my hope that, after reading this book, educators, teachers, and librarians and also members of the general public will have a better understanding of school librarianship across the world and that they will be inspired to cooperate with each other in many different ways, assisting those who desperately need help and support. This would be in the best interest of the children whom they serve and relates to their duty of care as educators.” 

—From the Foreword by Dr. Helen Boelens, International school library researcher and consultant; Former Chair, IASL Research SIG, The Netherlands
The book is described as:

The school librarians’ best practices cover innovative ways to encourage students to (1) read voluntarily for pleasure and for information; (2) to gain basic information literacy skills for the navigation, evaluation and use of information; (3) and to develop competence as independent learners—a key factor for successful enquiry-based learning.

The books are jam-packed with information that can be used by school librarians, teachers, school administrators and others in a variety of ways. Readers can borrow best practices from the experiences presented in the book, and the volumes can also serve as a strong voice for the practicing school librarians and the profession, through expanding the opportunities for professional sharing in the international school librarian community.

There are fourteen school librarians and teacher librarians in Asia in PART 2 of the book and I am honoured to be one of them. Most of all, I am very much interested to get a copy of the book to read the stories of colleagues from outside the Philippines, their best practices and success stories, how they hurdle road blocks and break down walls. 

What we think is unique to us may actually be something we share in common to colleagues from outside the shores of this archipelago. 

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