Monday, July 20, 2015

Back at the Academy: Setting the Pace and Taking Perspective

Day 2 of In-Service: Learner Profile and ATL allignment
I was not excited to go back to work last week. In previous years, I used to feel giddy and optimistic at the beginning of in-service week. Gone are the blooming flowers and rays of sunshine that nestled in my heart at the start of work coming from a long vacation. I found this odd and discomforting. In order for me to sync back, I must "feel" it. I didn't feel anything. In fact, I started Monday with a very practical and pragmatic outlook on the work that is ahead. This bothered me.

It was good to see my colleagues again but the game we played reminded me of past experiences and present needs. There is so much to think about that I could not channel into my emotions to help myself ease in and do the work that awaits me. First day back at work and I was already stressed.

By mid-day, all I wanted to do was go back to the library and finish the annual report. Then again, no one misses the Head of School's address on the first day of work so I stayed on with no choice at all but to listen.

That was when the complete turn around happened. You see, our Head of School has an uncanny talent of making you see things from a different perspective. He does not force or impose. He presents and shows possibilities, what ifs, where we are and where can things can go. He makes you think and wonder. This can be empowering, if you let it.

The things he shared were not promises resting on false hope. These were experiences culled out from the daily grind. It was inspiring. It was amazing how he does so with so much conviction through telling stories. So, there. The power of stories. It got me. Hook. Line. And sinker.
Day 4 of In-service: This is a course outline. Yes?!

I got my groove back but it didn't end there.

When the Dean of Faculty gave a session in the afternoon I was reminded of familiar things and memories of happier days with teachers and mentors you don't mess around with. Hermosa. Ocampo. LDR. Villanueva. Padilla.  My desire to go back to school and study once more surfaced.

What started as a lukewarm Monday ended with a hopeful perspective on the mission I am set to do and a direction to continuously grow professionally. Reflecting on the week that was, I can say that I am fortunate to belong to a community who continuously learns and mentors its faculty and staff.

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