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Book Review: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

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AttachmentsR byainbow Rowell<br/> 

My rating:<a href="">4 of 5 stars

This is my third Rainbow Rowell book and it did not disappoint at all. In Eleanor and Park, Rowell writes about two different teens falling in love. In Fangirl, she explores life cycles and the changes that go with starting out at university. In both novels, Rowell presents quirky, almost neurotic, characters that grow on you. In Attachements, she created another male character, Lincoln, who seemed to start out as a weak, leading man to a strong female lead, but whose true blue, honest to goodness attitude towards people and relationships saved the day. In the end, Lincoln got the girl and my vote as a relaible book boyfriend.

What worked

Rowell is dazzlingly funny in her use of dialogue. Her characters jump out of the pages with joy and angst through shared conversations: in the office pantry, in the family kitchen, in email exchanges between Beth and Jennifer. It's amazing how Rowell weaves all the complexities of her characters, lead or supporting ones, into the fabric of the whole story through these conversations. I love Beth and Lincoln, but I was also rooting for Jennifer and Mike. I do hope there's a spin off (Hint. Hint).

I like the way Rowell unraveled the growing affection of Lincoln towards Beth and how he fell in love for her. Lincoln's revelation to Beth of who he really is pretty romantic. Their romance didn't end in fireworks, but time brought them back together. Indeed, when love is true, it finds a way.<br><br>

What did not work

Set in the 90s when the Internet was only starting out, Lincoln's job was to monitor company emails. Thus, his knowledge of Beth's woes and heartaches came from eavesdropping in her emails and chat messages with Jennifer. It's pretty weird. At one point, I thought of this situation as a menage. But, I suppose, that's just me. With the advent of technology, the idea of sharing information and our own identities to people we barely know is out there for the taking.<br><br>I did enjoy the book as it showed me subtle ways of coping with loss and heartbreak. The path towards redemption is not always laced with blood, sweat and tears. I like Lincoln's resolve and restraint towards getting Beth back. Attachments is not as dramatic as Eleanor and Park nor is it as life affirming as Fangirl. Then again, the book is sweet and quietly comforting. Rihana is right. We can find love in a hopeless place.


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