Monday, February 18, 2013

Approaches to Teaching & Learning Day 2013

It was a big day in school last Friday as the learning community came together to spend half a day for strengthening research skills. Each grade level had work to do. Grade nine had sessions on citations; grade ten firmed up this set skill in context to their Personal Project; grade eleven journeyed through the first phase of the research cycle as they prepare for the Extended Essay; and the grade twelve worked on their Internal Assessments and TOK essays.

Research is a cyclical process; a journey to take.
 I had a session with the grade nines on library resources and spent most of the morning with the grade elevens as the team headed by the Diploma Program Coordinator, English Teacher, Environmental Sciences Teacher, Psychology Teacher, Business Management Teacher and myself intensively conducted sessions on questioning, crafting hypothesis or thesis statement and use of information sources. The grade elevens in particular were very receptive. Aware that the Extended Essay is a make or break requirement to earn a DP diploma, there was effort on their end to focus on the activities.

Students worked in groups in determining research questions, crafting hypothesis and identifying sources to answer the research question. Use of the school library and outside resources were included in the session.
As I told them at the start of the session, research is a cyclical process; a journey that will lead them to many surprises and discoveries. We are but at the start of the journey.

What's on your research backpack?

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