Saturday, March 10, 2012

TeenLife: Community Service for Teens

Here is a recent online discover: TeenLife

TeenLife is a website for teens, parents, educators and allied professionals working with/for teens. The website is pretty impressive. It has contents on Summer Programs, College Life, Gap Year, Volunteer Activities and Career/Vocational Guidance. You may wish to sign in as member and get freebies, like newsletters.

For March/April 2012 issue, TeenLife has a neat write up on community services teens could do. This article is connected to "Senioritis", an affliction common among high school students. They slack and turn truants by the last term. The article suggests strategies to hold students up and finish the school year with good, if not decent, marks. Field trips and changes in seating arrangement are included in the tips, but there are more creative ways a teacher can do.

If you are parent of a teen, visit TeenLife's website. Happy reading!

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