Saturday, July 11, 2009

Breaking the Silence: Extension Request In Vain

I have been terribly busy the past two weeks and to break this bit of news after a blogging hiatus in this blog is not very good at all. But news, good or bad, must be known to all. We are, still, in a democracy.

From my inbox via the Google group, Filipino Librarian --

For the information of those librarians who are graduates of BSE, BSEE, AB, and other degrees with major or specialization in Library Science, who would like to take the Licensure Exam for the last time (scheduled this Nov 2009), please be informed that the request made by the Board for Librarians for a resolution "extending the period within which to allow graduates of the above mentioned degrees to take the examination" has been denied. Justification for the denial is based on the provision of the law (RA 9246) which allowed the above mentioned graduates to take the licensure exam within the time frame of five (5) years from the effectivity of the law. Since the time period specified by the law has expired, any extension can only be done thru an amendment of the law, and any amendment "can only be made by the same
body that created the law."

You can also access the legal opinion dated 17 March 2009 addressed to Mrs. Corazon M. Nera, as Chairman of the Board for Librarians, at the PAARL Yahoo Groups

It does not bode well for many Filipino Librarians who finished an education degree, major in LIS. Pointing fingers will not help anyone at this point.

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