Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Aklatan ni Mika

Sometime in 2006, I had a telephone conversation with Lizanne Alcazaren who runs Aklatan ni Mika, a children's library in a halfway house for children with cancer. The halfway house is a shelter for children who go through chemotherapy and counseling sessions. At that time, I was still the President of KUTING. Lizanne and I were brainstorming on literacy activities for the children to do while undergoing treatment.

Dreams are easy to conceive, of course. Weaving them to reality is another matter entirely. For some reason, plans did not push through but Lizanne continued collaborating with Teacher Isa Bautista-Saplala of Miriam College. It is a small world. Teacher Isa is my kumare and former co-teacher in Xavier School.

Last month, Teacher Isa brought me to Akltan ni Mika for a storytelling workshop with the children they take care of. We did listening, speaking, reading and writing activities with the kids. They were very eager and perceptive. Teacher Isa's students from Miriam College lent a hand and joined in the fun. For nearly five years now, Lizanne and Teacher Isa struggle to keep the library and its literacy programs alive. I admire their tenacity and dedication. And so far, they and the children have been blessed. Donations and volunteers pour in especially at times when they are needed the most.


melissa said...

i'm from another school.. and i was wondering if the program is open for volunteers not from miriam. Thanks.

Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga said...

perhaps it's open to all. you can check it with the institution. good luck!

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