Monday, July 28, 2008

Librarian as PR Manager

Last Monday, July 21, 2008, I entertained some visitors from St. Paul, Bulacan. Headed by Sis. Marissa Tumbali, they wanted to see the physical facilities that modern school libraries of today have. Their visit was in preparation for PAASCU accreditation. But to me, I revel in the moment because it's PR work. It's something I enjoy doing.

Aside from the tour I gave them (three libraries all - Early Education Library; GS LRC and a brief trip to the HS LRC), I presented basic library programs and services we provide students and teachers. For them, what made an impression was the centralization process that the library is currently undertaking in areas like structures and manpower. I think, centralization is one relevant issue facing librarians today that needs to be discussed and articulated. It has advantages and limitations, but clearing the air and foreseeing its benefits and possible pitfalls may help the librarian adjust.

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