Saturday, August 25, 2007

Plagiarized? Again.

Von Totanes has proved once again that he has reached celebrity blogger status. Kidding aside, what happened to him recently is really serious stuff.

In his current post , he sends an open letter to the person who lifted his works from his blog into a collection of speeches. The publisher and the editor of the book better start doing something. Von's blog is well read and has great reach. If another blogger celebrity gets wind of this news, they can only regret the irresponsibility and carelessness that went with producing the material.

Blogs have power. And responsible bloggers know damn well how to weild it. Just think Malu Fernandez.


Ivan Chew said...

Wow. I think if my posts get plagarised, I'd dance a jig first, celebrate, then decide how I'm going to sue the bugger. Heh. Kidding. But seriously, I think Von's made his points very clear wrt violation of his copyrights. Now how did he get to know about it in the first place, that's what I'm keen to know :)

Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga said...

ivan, von was simply browing in the local bookstore. curious to read on speeches, he probably wandered to where such books were and, eureka!

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