Friday, June 8, 2007

GS LRC Mediashoppe 2007

Can you guess how many books the GS LRC have in its collection? This was the question that greeted GS teachers last June 1, 2007, Friday for their annual Mediashoppe at the Storytelling Area of the GS LRC. Given by the GS LRC to collaborate with teachers in the development of learning resources, this year's Mediashoppe was the most, if not successful, organized Mediashoppe yet.

The program began with an orientation of basic library services and programs for the sake of the new hires. Junior and senior teachers are already familiar with the GS LRC's features, but a quick walk through on the LRC's services was a big help to remind them that a department that supports their instructional needs exist in the community. What was new for everyone, newbie and seasoned teachers alike, was the DOORS Project of Mrs. Chit Olivares, Reference Librarian.

The Directory of Online Resources (DOORS) is a project initiated by Mrs. Olivares to enrich the print and non-print collection of the library with online resources. Using FURL, she was able to build a list of useful sites for teachers who can use them in the different content areas. Another relevant information provided by the Mediashoppe was the presentation of the ITS-AV Integrated Office by Ms. Garce Aromin, ITS Coordinator. Beginning this school year, reservations of equipment, facilities and tech support will be provided by the ITS. The GS LRC will concentrate on content and knowledge management of the AV collection. In this structure, it is foreseen that more resources will be utilized by the community.

Teachers were able to select and review learning resources possible for acquisition this school year. With their MLAs present, it can be truly said that the administrators are involved in this process of building the library's collection. They also got to view new titles of materials, journals and books available for their perusal.

It was Mr. Ronald Briones of the GS Science department who got the correct estimate on the volume of the LRC's collection. Without the hard work of Mrs. Jane Diaz, Readers Servcies Librarian, who put the Mediashoppe together, and the support of Mrs. Jane Natividad, GS Principal, it would not have been possible for the GS LRC and the GS teachers from the different departments to have a fun and fruitful morning of collaborative work.

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