Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Circulation Statistics

I am not fasting from blogging. The Filipino Librarian is. The promised post on related library issue is finally here. My apologies for the delay. I have been sick and work is a monster I can not tame.

For the meantime, allow me to share with you this information regarding borowing of faculty and staff. Our statistics are low this year and it prompted us to look closely at factors affecting the trend. Below are the recommendations.

Factors attributing to low circulation by Faculty & Staff

1. Time – structures and schedules do not allow them to read and borrow print resources;

2. Technology – the utility of electronic sources (websites, etc) has more appeal to them than printed formats.

• However, teachers and staff must understand that different information technology (books and periodicals included) address different information needs and learning styles.

3. Library Promotion Strategies – some techniques to make them aware of existing and new resources may not be effective any longer.

• A more aggressive and creative way to inform them of the resources available for circulation is a challenge.

4. Purpose for using print materials – books and periodicals are primarily used as materials that provide information.

• In the context of instruction, such resources can be used as actual learning tools.

Recommendations from the GS LRC

1. Schedule a monthly library period for each department. This can run for 30 to 45 minutes where in librarians can also present new ways to use instructional materials to teachers.

2. Librarians are expected to do book talks and reviews of current instructional materials every month for each department or cluster (Science – Math; Filipino-Social Studies; Music-Arts; CMSO-Guidance).

3. Use the GS LRC’s blog to promote the library’s resources. This way, technology is used to reach out to tech savvy teachers.

4. Reward teachers and staff who frequently use/borrow at the end of every quarter with a certificate or affirmation.

5. Indicate in CS (Clinical Supervision) the importance of reading professional books, journals and the utility of print materials in instruction.

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