Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's NCBD next month!

I am supposed to write about budget cuts and how libraries are the first to suffer (or is it the Arts & Humanities? I don't really know what is the pecking order. But one thing is for sure, when schools and the academe goes on cost cutting measures, expect that libraries are in the top roster of the chopping block) when institutions of learning are short of money, however, I choose to anticipate the forthcoming National Children's Book Day 2006. It's a more exciting event -- and inspiring at that so let me offer a glimpse of this year's NCBD.

Then again, should you want a personal side of the "budget cut" story, go to my other blog.

This year, honorable winners of the Salanga and Alcala prizes will be awarded. The
Salaysayan contest will be held a few weeks before so that winners will also be heralded on July 18, 2006 at the National Library. New titles of books will be launched and guest children will be performing. The greater news this year is that, NCBD is already recognized by the DepEd as an annual MUST for all public elementary school in the Philippines to celebrate. Isn't that grand?

There will also be awardees this year who all have contributed to the promotion and development of reading, literacy and Philippine Children's Literature. Now I'm saving that for my official NCBD post next month. Better watch out for it.

For the meantime, I leave you with Commisioner Ocampo's article on
books, reading and Jose Rizal
. He was the guest of honor in last year's NCBD celebrations. This essay he wrote for gracing the PBBY event, and of course, as historian. It tells us a lot about our national hero, more so, the culture of reading in the Philippines.

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