Wednesday, April 19, 2006

iblog 2: The Aftermath

I still have a hang-over from iblog 2. Should you want to read my personal thoughts on the summit, go here. For now, I will let the others do the talking.

Clair posted her insights on the sessions that made an impression or inspired her somewhat, while Von did an excellent job at live blogging. Wow. With that spankingly new laptop that still carry the smell of Singapore, I am so envious that I'm pressured to pool my resources once again so I can have one too. Masama ito...

Going back to posts and thoughts on the summit, J Angelo Racoma likened the event to a reunion of some sort as Dean Jorge Bocobo,The Rizalist inserted a bit of history to amplify the remarkable Pinoy blogging phenom.

Atty. JJ Disini blogged in Disiniland the overwhelming success of the second Philippine Blogging Summit. There will be a third, that's for sure and comments for improvements are ripe for next year's summit.

I thought the tracks were a big help to participants because, it offered them a
wide array of topics on the many ways to blog and the endless possibilities of blogging. If there were participants who got confused or had a hard time making decisions which track to attend, I suggest that a short description of the module would help them. The organizers were so considerate to speakers who wished to be heard. I, for one, am very thankful to be given the venue to present my agenda on the use of blogs as teaching tools in particular, and technology, in general. Special thanks to Janette Toral for this experience.

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