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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Update on Book Project: The Day Max Flew Away

Back in May 2016, I blogged about a new book project I have with Jomike Tejido. I posted photos of his studies in the blog.

And now for the big reveal! Our book The Day Max Flew Away will soon be published by Lampara Books. We hope to launch it by September 2017 in time for the Manila International Book Fair.

Here is a photo I grabbed from Jomike's FB page. See the bird flying over "Nico's" head? Yes, this story is so close to home as it is taken from my children's real life story of owning a pet bird. I named the characters after my kids, so, this is a really special project.

Nico is now 19 years old and Zoe turned 16 last month. They still hold a fascination for animals and a love for birds, cats and dogs.

Here is the cover design of our book. Do visit the blog and my FB page for more updates and book giveaways!

Visit Tejido for more information on Jomike's art and his paintings on banig, a woven mat made of pandan leaves.

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