Thursday, July 9, 2020

Pathfinder: Copyright and Creative Commons for School Librarians and Teachers

Because teachers have started creating and producing learning modules and materials for flexible learning, discussions on ethical considerations on the use of content, media and technology in social media abound. Educators, lawyers and information professionals have organised webinars on intellectual property and copyright issues. When I was a guest in empowerED last Saturday July 4, 2020, Jim Tuscano, teacher and host of the online panel, asked me about copyright since we were knee deep into talking about creating and developing learning materials.

I remember giving broad and generalised statements about it. So, to extend and expand our collective knowledge on the issue, here is a Pathfinder on Copyright and Creative Commons. Putting this resources and websites together is but a beginning to what can develop and grow into an online collection for teachers and school librarians especially.

Pathfinder: Copyright and Creative Commons for School Librarians and Teachers
Keywords: copyright, intellectual property, academic honesty, creative commons

Philippine Copyright and the Intellectual Property Rights

Copyright and the Intellectual Property Rights in the Philippines - an easy to understand infographic with a link to the Plazo & Associates Law website where Republic Act 8293 - The Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines can be read entirely. 

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPO) - this is the official website of the IPO and its contents vary from the easy to understand to the more complex legal speak of RA 8293. It also has web portals for researchers, artists, authors and content creators, entreprenuers, inventors and industrial designers to guide them through registration, documentation and coding of their works. This is a government website, so there are materials that are free for use and downloads. It has an array of interesting articles too that highlight the creativity and ingenuity of the Filipino. 

COPYTALK: Copyright in the Academe, in Libraries and the Language of the Law - a webinar by the Central Philippines University that you can watch over at YouTube. It is three hour long. You might need a snack and a break in between. It has very informative content and helpful for librarians to know as they scale these principles according to the context of their learning communities.

For copyright licensing and registration, visit the FILCOLS and the National Library of the Philippines' Copyright Registration Office. The former is an organization of lawyers, artists, creatives and educators who are assisting the industry to promote and observe the implementation of RA 8293. The later is where artists and creators go to have their works, especially books, registered with an international book number. It makes the work and its creators legit.

To know more about Creative Commons, visit the website for detailed explanation of the different licenses, how sharing and collaboration of content can happen with respect and responsibility between parties. For teachers and school librarians, Kathleen Morris has an article with free posters on copyright and creative commons for downloads.

These are all for now. Visit the blog for more updates!

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