Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Lighthouse Diary Entry #15: Creativity Action and Service in the School Library

One CAS (Creativity Action and Service) activity I have been brewing in my head since way back when, is a knowledge sharing project that our students can do for the library. After several meetings and consultations, plus, the IBAP Librarians Workshop I attended last month in Singapore, I finally had a concrete project, the Help Us Build the BA Library Project.

The project has two aspects: 1) skills building in referencing and citations; and 2) resource sharing. For Diploma Program students, they are invited to sign up in a bibliography writing project. See the poster.

Consultations with the CAS coordinator proved helpful and support from the Dean of Students came in 100%. Our next step is to inform the student body of the CAS project and get the endorsement of the Student Council. Visit the blog as I monitor this project and share with you updates.

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